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Le voyage à Reims, ou l’Hôtel du Lys-d’Or. It was commissioned to celebrate the coronation of French King Charles X in Reims in 1825 and has been acclaimed as il giglio celeste PDF of Rossini’s finest compositions. Since the opera was written for a specific occasion, with a plot about European aristocrats, officers – and one poetess – en route to join in the French coronation festivities that the opera itself was composed for, Rossini never intended it to have a life beyond a few performances in Paris.

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Il mago Orogastus, creduto morto nella distruzione della prigione dove era stato rinchiuso, riesce a fuggire sulla Luna dell’uomo scuro. La sua evasione riesce soltanto grazie all’aiuto della Signora della stella, morta tempo prima proprio su quella luna. La donna affida al mago il compito di far rinascere la Società della stella.

He later re-used about half of the music in Le comte Ory. Il viaggio a Reims does not have an overture. Il viaggio a Reims was first performed at the Théâtre Italien, Paris, on 19 June 1825, with Giuditta Pasta as Corinna. There were only four original performances.

The first performance after the reconstruction was given at the Rossini Opera Festival on 18 August 1984. It was conducted by Claudio Abbado and directed by Luca Ronconi. The American premiere was given on 14 June 1986 by Opera Theatre of Saint Louis at the Loretto-Hilton Theater in St. Louis, Missouri, directed by Colin Graham and conducted by Richard Buckley. In November 2005 there was another production in Monte Carlo, with a cast including June Anderson, Raùl Gimenez, Rockwell Blake, and Ruggero Raimondi. 12 season, productions were given by the Vlaamse Opera in Antwerp in December, where the action took place inside a jumbo jet, and at the Teatro Comunale in Florence in January where the action was staged in an early 20th-century luxury spa. The housekeeper Maddalena is unhappy with the preparations made by the servants for the arrival of the important people who are travelling to Reims for the coronation of Charles X of France.

Madame Cortese, the proprietress of the hotel, appears. She particularly requests that everyone should be enthusiastic about each of the travellers’ specific interests. Everyone agrees, and she is left alone. The Countess calls for her maid, Modestina, and Madame Cortese goes to search for her. Modestina appears, and the Countess, worried that her clothes have not yet arrived, asks why there has been no reply to a letter that she had sent.

Modestina had entrusted the letter to the Countess’s cousin, Don Luigino, who immediately arrives to say that the stagecoach which he had hired to carry the boxes had overturned on the way. Maddalena, Antonio, Don Prudenzio and the servants arrive, together with Baron Trombonok. Don Prudenzio and the Baron argue about how to resuscitate the Countess, but she recovers sufficiently to lament the loss of her garments. However, when Modestina appears with a large box containing a beautiful Paris bonnet, she rejoices that it, at least, has been saved from the accident. After agreeing with the Baron the arrangements for party’s departure in the evening, Antonio leaves. The Baron cannot help laughing at the Countess’s sudden recovery and the insanity of the world in general.

He is joined by Don Profondo, Don Alvaro, the Marquise Melibea, Count Libenskof. It is clear that Don Alvaro and the Count are rivals for the Marquise’s affections. A harp prelude is heard, and the poetess Corinna sings offstage of brotherly love, to everyone’s delight. Madame Cortese is still waiting for the return of her servant Gelsomino with news of the horses.

Lord Sidney approaches, and she muses on his unwillingness to approach Corinna who, she is sure, reciprocates his love. His mood lifts when girls singing in praise of Corinna enter with flowers, but then he is disturbed by Don Profondo’s strange requests for information about the location of antiquities, and departs. Profondo is joined by Corinna and her companion Delia. Corinna asks when the party is to depart, and he and Delia leave Corinna alone while they go to see whether the horses have arrived. Corinna is joined by the Chevalier, who declares his love.